How to write effective job description


It is an essential part of hiring and managing your employees. It help attract the right job candidates.

What to include

  • Job title
  • Job objective or overall purpose statement
  • Job specifications, standards, and requirements
  • Job location where the work will be performed.
  • About the company
  • List of duties or tasks performed critical to success
  • Salary and benefits

About the company

Assume that the candidates know nothing about the company so it is important for you fill them in on information about the organization, such as the company’s industry, goals and mission. Other useful information such as the branch locations, number of employees, can also be included.

Salary and benefits

Include a salary range. It allows for variation based on education and experience. include benefits such as number of paid vacation days, medical insurance coverage, pension plans, housing benefits etc.

Proper Language in the Job Description

  • Structure your sentences in classic verb/object and explanatory phrases.
  • Always use the present tense of verbs.
  • Omit any unnecessary articles such as a, an, the, or other words for an easy-to-understand description.
  • Use unbiased terminology.
  • Avoid using adverbs or adjectives that are subject to interpretation such as frequently, some, complex, occasional, and several.

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