8 steps to writing simple and effective resume

Use these steps to write an effective resume that meets the recruiter’s needs and gets you an interview. Recruiters do not read your resume; they do a 15 – 30 second “spot check” of your resume.


Step 1:

Download this resume template medreach_careers_sample_resume


Step 2:
In heading section types your name in caps with large, bold type. Include your address, phone number, and email address, if you wish you can add your DOB ( Date of Birth).

Please avoid multiple email id, multiple phone number in this section, use one email id and phone number.


Step 3:
Professional summary

Every great resume begins with a strong summary statement. This is a short description of who you are professional that includes a brief list of your top skills, and how you are going to fit the company culture.
Professional summary statements can either be a complete waste of space or a total game changer depend upon the points your going to write. If your fresher please leave this section.

  • Total years of experience
  • Short summary of your experience
  • High valuable skills & ¬†achievements
  • Some unique qualities you have

Step 4:


Employment section is your work history (employment experience), here you can include experience for which you were paid. This includes full-time work, part-time jobs, internships.

4 thighs you need to write clearly in this section

  • Employer name: mention your employer name here, where you are worked for a particular period or present.
  • Job title: Job title can be your job designation like : Junior doctor, Care coordinator, Front of executive.
  • Job period: For what period you are worked for particular job, mention month and year of stated work and finished, if you are currently working for that job mention “present”
  • Job Summary: Job summary is going to explain clearly about your key responsibility of your job, here you can mention your achievements, your results, performance, what you have done to help the company grows.

like this you have to add your previous experiences one by one.


Step 5:

Education is usually the most straightforward resume section to write,

4 thighs you need to write clearly in this section
List the highest level of education first.

  • Degree name – your degree name or course name, example MBA, MBBS. also, explain the term if it’s not a familiar course.
  • Educational Institute – From which educational institute you have completed the particular degree.
  • Period – The period of the course or degree.
  • Percentage – What percentage you have achieved while you completed your degree, sometimes this is optional.

Step 6:

Additional experience and skills

In this section, you have to mention 4 categories,

Additional experience: Here you can mention project, assignments details you have done, and Extra Curricular activities.
Personal skills – Your personal skills like Communications, soft skills
Professional skills – professionals skills like First Aid certificate, CPR, Six sigma, Quality control, it should be related to jobs your targeting.
Languages – Languages you’re familiar with Reading, Writing and speaking.
Step 7:

Certification & Awards

This section you have to mention your Certifications & Awards details one by one.


Step 8:

Convert to PDF

After complete above details please verify all details and save the file as PDF.

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